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Write to Your Local Council

Over 200 letters signed to appeal to Cairns Regional Council to have itself declared CSG Free. If you haven’t signed a letter, please do!

CSG Free NQ Inc.

It’s time to write to our local council to let them know of our concerns around CSG and unconventional gas. Local body Councils are almost alone in having retained the right to object to proposed CSG mining activities. Until the Palauszczuk government succeeds in rescinding recent law changes restricting the right for most third parties to object, we must persuade local Councils to act on behalf of those individuals and organisations whose right has been removed. In our Region the Douglas Shire Council and the Cook Shire Council have publicly declared their opposition to coal seam gas activities within their areas and are to be congratulated for their forthrightness. CSG Free NQ believes in the power of letters written to Council as a way of getting a subject noticed and acted upon so, in the spirit of non-violent direct action we are proposing a letter writing campaign aimed at bringing…

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