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CSG Free NQ is a group of citizen journalists and qualified volunteers who are dedicated to providing reliable information, resources, and encouragement to the communities of North Queensland in relation to proposed unconventional gas extraction activities anywhere in the region. We strive to be a comprehensive, up to date, and accessible hub for supporting the co-ordination of research, direct action, and campaign strategies while also helping to facilitate networking between active groups in the region. CSG Free NQ has registered affiliation with Lock the Gate Alliance, the national body responsible for successfully campaigning to stop the fracking in NSW and Victoria, and supporting action groups everywhere to achieve successful outcomes in protecting our land, air, water and life itself from the dangers posed by CSG exploration and extraction activities. CSG Free NQ formally incorporated in September, 2014,  and has dedicated personnel, committed to their roles in service of our aims.

The photograph in the header is of the mountain, Nguddaboolgan, Mt Mulligan, which is currently under threat of exploration for CSG mining – taken from the air by, and published with permission from Kerry Trapnell.

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  1. Eliza Reilly says:

    I am after an organizers number for the meereba region for the film nights, the local radio station would like to talk about the fracking and promote the screening nights so please let me know a name and contact number. I have been given Stacy;s name however the mobile number is incorrect. I look forward to your response.


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