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Successful Campaign!

In 2014 there was a gas exploration permit pending, covering 490 hectares around the massif known among traditional owners as Nguddaboolgan, and to colonial settlers as Mt. Mulligan – pictured at the top of this site. This area is is rich in diverse, endemic flora and fauna, and is a source and headwater for rives flowing across the cape to the gulf of Carpentaria as well as sitting over the aquifer feeding bodies of water across the far North both to the east and south of the mountain.  The surrounding area is home to cattle graziers, small time prospectors and tourist attractions of inestimable value to the region’s economy now and into the future, as well as communities of families and their livelihoods, which are dependent upon clean water to continue to exist.


CSG Free NQ Inc. supported local people from all walks of life around the area under threat, to access information they needed to protect themselves from this proven dangerous industrial practice. We are still here to assist when needed, so please contact us if you require further information pertaining to fracking.



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